Vlog entry, “What is Too Much Information, or TMI?”, by Stephanie Bennett

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Description: In this installment of The Secret Place (Ps. 91:1-2)  . . . Some things are not meant to be self-disclosed. What? Isn’t self-disclosure a good thing? Yes, indeed It can hep solidify and ground those relationships that are primary importance to us, but let’s be discerning. Holding back information about ourselves sometimes Is not about being shy or introverted. Neither is it about hiding something precious out of fear or shame. No no no. Sometimes we keep that which is so very precious to us in a hidden place so that it is not destroyed by mockers, scorners, or . . . even the market. When we speak of the deep things of God, we want to be careful not to share what we’ve seen or heart in a blaring way through a megaphone or Twitter. God’s deep work in our lives is precious. Let’s keep it that way.

The Secret Place (Ps. 91:1-2) is a boutique channel produced with love (not numbers) to inspire and uplift. Each message begins with a short introduction to a new favorite book. This song is In The Secret Place by Stephanie Bennett on the album Toward the Lamb. For more resources on communication, faith, and culture, please visit our sponsor, the Christianity and Communication Studies Network at www.theccsn.com

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