Analogies: Cultivating a “Thick” Strategy for Integrating Faith and Learning

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photoPresenter and Affiliation: Dr. Naaman Wood, Ph.D., Redeemer University College (

Presentation Title: “Analogies: Cultivating a “Thick” Strategy for Integrating Faith and Learning”

Date: Thursday, 05/19/16     Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST

Description: For many of us, integrating our faith with communication studies means thinking in terms of the content of this Christian idea or biblical passage with that communication concept or insight. However, there are times when focusing on content can produce “thin” moments of integration. What remains unexplored for many of us is thinking in the structure, architecture, or the shape of Christian thought. Drawing on scripture, systematic theology, icons, and pop culture, this seminar explores analogy as a “thick” strategy for integrating Christianity with communication studies and offers practical examples that benefit student learning.

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