CCSN Coming Soon

Short Courses
Beginning Fall 2021, CCSN will offer its first of several free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). In addition to traditional course materials such as readings, video lectures, and assessments, some MOOCs include discussion forums for interaction between students and professors, and live video presentations.

Integratio Press
Beginning 2016, CCSN started to publish original books through its new imprint Integratio Press. All books are submitted to a rigorous editorial process which includes peer-review. CCSN has an editorial board of respected teachers, scholars, and other professionals. An additional list of qualified peer-reviewers is used depending on the submission and publication type. Learn more.

In June (2015), CCSN co-sponsored its first face-to-face conference hosted by Quentin Schultze and Calvin College. Spring Arbor University’s online MA in Communication ( joined as a co-sponsor.  Learn more.In June 2020, CCSN sponsors another face-to-face conference on the campus of Wheaton College. Learn more.