Everyday Sabbath: How to Lead Your Dance with Media and Technology in Mindful and Sacred Ways (Cascade Books, 2021)

Everyday Sabbath: How to Lead Your Dance with Media and Technology in Mindful and Sacred Ways (Cascade Books, 2021), by Paul Patton and Robert Woods (Foreword: Nathan Foster; Preface: Al Kresta)

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Here is where we will upload instructional materials and other resources that will allow you to use the book in classroom and small group settings. We have several faculty adopting the book for the 2021-22 academic year and will share that content as we get access to it.

We have created a Facebook page that will be used for updated examples and illustrations to help keep the book updated. We will also post much of that same material here on this page.

You can purchase the book on our publisher’s website and read what endorsers said about it: Cascade Books, or get an examination/desk copy.

You can purchase the book on amazon. If you like the book, we ask that you go to amazon and provide a favorable review of the book. You will receive a an additional, discounted copy of the book from the authors while supplies last if you complete a review and contact us: rwoods@theccsn.com.

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Individuals who adopted Everyday Sabbath in an educational setting:

1. Mary Darling, Spring Arbor University, Introduction to Communication (Com 100) (Syllabus, Daily Schedule)
2. Wally Metts, Spring Arbor University (materials forthcoming)
3. Diane Badzinski, Colorado Christian University (materials forthcoming)
4. Elizabeth McLaughlin, Bethel University (materials forthcoming) (Com 345, Social Media) (Discussion Questions, Chapter One)
5. Leonard Sweet, George Fox University (forthcoming)
6. Stephanie Bennett, Palm Beach Atlantic University (forthcoming), Course: Church in the Age of Entertainment

Additional Resources

1. Paul speaking at Taylor University, Feb. 2021, on Sacred Interiority (chapters 5 and 6)

2. Paul being interviewed by Nathan Foster on his Renovare Podcast about the book. Title: Redeeming the Moment You Are In. (Episode 218, 26 Minutes)

3. Paul and Robert answer 6 questions about Everyday Sabbath

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Paul and Robert