ICYMI, Volume 8, 2021, Journal of Christian Teaching Practice (in Communication Studies)

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In case you missed it, please enjoy Volume 8, 2021, of the Journal of Christian Teaching (in Communication Studies). Our two lead articles focus on an ethic of care for journalistic reporting during a crisis. Please share with others.

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Book Reviews

William D. Romanowski. Cinematic Faith: A Christian Perspective on Movies and Meaning (Baker Academic, 2019). 240 pages. [Reviewed by Adam Sonstroem, Assistant Professor of Communication, Arizona Christian University] Amazon.com link

Voddie T. Baucham. Fault lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe (Washington, DC: Salem Books, 2021). 270 pages. [Reviewed by Brandon Knight, Assistant Professor of Communication, William Carey University]. Amazon.com link

Heidi A. Campbell. Digital Creatives and the Rethinking of Religious Authority (New York: Routledge, 2021). 236 pages. [Reviewed by Zachary Sheldon, Doctoral Student, Communication, Texas A & M University]. Amazon.com link

John B. Hatch. Speaking to Reconciliation: Voices of Faith Addressing Racial and Cultural Divides (New York: Peter Lang, 2020). 184 pages. [Reviewed by Annalee R. Ward, Director of the Wendt Center for Character Education, University of Dubuque]. Amazon.com link


Kate Mead, and Bryan MeadC.S. Lewis and the Communication Classroom.



Musa, Bala. “Journalistic Ethics and Conflict Reporting: A Biblical Pedagogy of Media Advocacy, Objectivity, and Social Responsibility,” Journal of Christian Teaching Practice (in Communication Studies), 8, 2021. https://www.theccsn.com/article-journalistic-ethics-and-conflict-reporting-a-biblical-pedagogy-of-media-advocacy-objectivity-and-social-responsibility-by-bala-musa/

Longinow, Michael, “Why You’re There: An Examination of Faith within an Ethic of Care for Journalists Covering Trauma and Educators Who Prepare Them for It,” Journal of Christian Teaching Practice (in Communication Studies), 8, 2021, https://www.theccsn.com/article-an-ethic-of-care-for-journalists-covering-trauma-and-educators-who-prepare-them-for-it-by-michael-longinow/


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