“Social Media and the Christian Church: Faith Identity and Church Branding”

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bmusaPresenter: Dr. Bala Musa

Presenter Affiliation: Azusa Pacific University

Presentation Title: The Cyberchurch: Social Media, Faith Identity and Church Branding

Date: 06/24/2015

Time: 08:00 pm

Time Zone: Eastern (US)

The digital revolution is reshaping and being reshaped by various institutions, the church included. New media serve as cultural prisms through which Christians communities perceive and brand themselves. The cohesion of beliefs and rituals has given way to discrete and evolving identity and faith discourse in the new mediascape. This webinar examines the interface between social media and church branding. It explores emerging strategies and ethos of message, meaning, and mission brand positioning in cyberspace. (Registration Fee: Free; Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST). This live presentation may be viewed by an individual or group of any size in a single feed.

Link to Webinar: https://vimeo.com/131723913

Additional URL Link: http://www.apu.edu/clas/faculty/bmusa/

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