What We Can Learn About the Intersection of Technology and Faith through a Networked Theology

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Campbell_109x151Presenter and Affiliation: Heidi Campbell, Texas A & M University

Presentation Title: “What We Can Learn About the Intersection of Technology  and Faith through a Networked Theology”

Date: 03/30/16     Time: 8:00-9:00 pm, EST

Description: This presentation explores important aspects of how digital technologies influence religious belief in a world increasingly wrapped in media. The concept of Networked Theology is introduced as a lens for understanding how online and offline technologies and religious practices.  This approach brings contextual theology into conversation with new media and studies in an effort to creating a theologically-informed response to new media culture.  By offering an introduction to Theology of Technology and New Media Theory this talk focuses on trends of constant contact, publicized privacy and remix culture and their broader ethical and religious implications within a networked society.

Link to recorded video: https://vimeo.com/160976281

Link to PPTsCCSN-Heidi Campbell-march 2016

Additional Link: http://tamu.academia.edu/HeidiCampbell

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