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Integratio Press, Current and Forthcoming Titles

Integratio Press, officially launched in 2021, publishes original books across five divisions that address questions at the intersection of Christianity and Communication Studies. Our books are scholarly, accessible, Christ centered, and communication focused. Our books help bridge the gap between the Academy and the Church. Books of interest to Integratio Press include those that clearly demonstrate faith-learning integration and serious “Christian thinking” about communication studies and cultural issues as they present themselves in both theory and practice.


Professing Christ: Christian Tradition and Faith-Learning Integration in Public Universities (Jonathan Pettigrew, Arizona State University, Editor)

Humility and Hospitality: Changing the Christian Conversation on Civility (Naaman Wood, St. Paul College, & Sean Connable, Christopher Newport University, Editors) 

Family Communication and the Christian Faith: An Introduction and Exploration (Jonathan Pettigrew, Arizona State University, & Diane M. Badzinski, Colorado Christian University

And the Word Became Flesh: Devotionals for Theater Artists (Richard Young, Greenville University)

Gerstein: A Full-length Play in Two Acts (Paul Patton, Spring Arbor University)

Playwriting: A Christian Perspective (Gillette Elvgren, Regent University) 


Communicating for Life: Christian Stewardship in Community and Media (Upd. & Exp.) (Quentin J. Schultze, Calvin University) (December 2023)

Directing Theater: A Christian Perspective (Gillette Elvgren, Regent University) (December 2023)

Unwrapping the Gift of Communication: Theoretical Applications and Biblical Wisdom for Relationships that Thrive (Kevin T. Jones, George Fox University) (January 2024)

Awakening the Quieter Virtues: Shouting Softly in a Noisy World  (Gregory Spencer, Westmont College) (February 2024)

Just Words: Lessons of Ancient Education, Classical Rhetoric, and Pagan Religion for a Post-Christian World (Mark A. E. Williams, California State University-Sacramento) (March 2024)

The Four Voices of Preaching: Communicating Faith in a Connected World (Robert Stephen Reid, University of Dubuque) (March 2024)

Habits of the High Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age (Upd. & Exp.) (Quentin J. Schultze, Calvin University) (April 2024)

Our Divisions

Traditional scholarly books, included edited books and monographs, written for and consumed primarily by the Academy that pursue knowledge and understanding within the contexts of the Christian faith and the field of communication. Our authors are leaders in the field across diverse perspectives and traditions who write for undergraduate and graduate students in public and private institutions.

Companion tradebooks that can be used alongside traditional textbooks in multiple instructional settings. These are scholarly yet accessible works for audiences that reach beyond the Academy and provide foundational Christian perspectives on timeless and timely communication concepts and practices. Books are theoretically grounded but practically oriented.

Works of pastoral communication and devotional materials developed from sermons, podcasts, or ministry material. Also includes rhetorical analysis of important pastoral texts, historical church leaders, and theologians.

A space for the performing and creative arts including plays, dance, art, musicals, poetry, works of multi-media, and more. Also includes (auto)biographies and works of fiction. 

Long-form journalism, indepth interviews, case studies, (auto)ethnographies, and conversations about timely and important communication topics that require quick-turn-around. Also includes curriculum and other instructional resources for educational institutions and churches.

Our Editors and Process

Because we currently publish 10-12 titles a year, we can turn around books quickly and you will get a lot of personal attention. And because our focus is on communication studies, our team of executive editors are current and former professors, administrators, pastors and practitioners who hold terminal degrees in our field.

All books are submitted to a rigorous editorial process which includes peer review. CCSN has an editorial board of respected teachers, scholars, and other professionals in the field.

We are not a “vanity press.” You do not pay to publish.

We welcome submissions from anyone whose work meets our publication goals and CCSN’s mission. Submission should be directed to the Network administrator: Provide a brief description (200-250 words) of the book and how it intersects with Christianity and communication studies. Do not send a completed manuscript or a book proposal. If the editorial board determines your submission is a good fit for the press, we will request a longer book proposal and provide a template for you to complete.

Thank you for considering Integratio Press for your next publication.

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